Volume 25
Summary by Sumeragi


Kadotsu alerts those of Ura Uruha about the coming of the enemy.

Members of Uruha and Kuu are still cleaning up the monsters lead by the dead Glasses Man.

Hokage has reached the first building. Inside, they meet a hooded man who welcomes them to the fortified city of SODOM. He tells them that Yanagi is being held in the center tower, Hell or Heaven. Before Kaoru can run off to save her, Mikagami grabs him saying that he noticed the lake surrounding the tower didn't look anything like water and was probably acid. Since he believes getting to the tower won't be a simple task, he asks the hooded man how they will get there. The hooded man tells Hokage about the data disks. With the combined disks, the way to Hell or Heaven will be revealed. But the rule is that each disk must be obtained individually, otherwise the information on the disk will be erased. The disks are located in the various building of SODOM and are protected by members of Ura Uruha. While the task seems difficult, the hooded man informs Hokage that Mori Kouran does hope to meet them again so that they can witness his joining to Yanagi. After a few courageous words by some of Hokage, they head off back into the forest.

<The Hanger> Domon is the first to be separated from the group. Feeling lonely, he gives Fuuko a call on the cell phone. After she determines nothing is wrong with Domon, she orders him to go into the building and stop wasting time. While a bit grumpy, he does as ordered. Inside, he senses somebody's presence, and drives out Aki and Miki, the sisters of Neon. After a few exchanges of punches, Domon manages to pull Aki down to the ground and finds himself in a "mount position". Miki threatens Domon, but surrenders to him releasing Aki's desperate situation.

<Forest> The main group reaches the next building. They begin to decide how to chose the next person to leave (leaning towards Rock, Paper, Scissors, like the time before) when an electronic bulletin board lights up, welcoming Kaoru to come inside. Kaoru immediately gets a bad feeling about the situation.

<The Hanger> Domon has told Aki and Miki about the five disks and Hell or Heaven. They decide to work together for the present time. Upstairs they run into a couple of cute girls (Kurumi and Miruku) in maid uniforms. After a brief huddle between the three fighters, Domon goes over to the girls and asks if they plan on fighting them. Kurumi replies the affirmative, brings up the end of her broom and blows away a section of wall. From the hole enters the large maid robot, Mikuru (yes, Anzai was VERY bored naming this trio). Domon is punched aside by the robot and is almost blown to bits by its missiles. While Domon fights the robot, Aki and Miki go after the two girls. The girls turn out to be quite a handful with their mops of doom and grenades, but the sisters win out with their much higher skill level. They run back to help the big guy to find him with a disabled robot, just ready for a good punching (which he does in front of Aki and Miki). The sisters are impressed by his improvement since the last time they fought.

<First Building> With Jishou's madougu swords, Neon goes to confront the hooded man who turns out to be Genjuurou. His supposed death in the tournament was actually an illusion. Now following Mori's orders, he has been given a new arm to replace the one severed by Setsuna. Neon, pissed that Genjuurou betrayed Kurei, goes in to attack, but only cuts through his illusions. She then finds herself surrounded by robots. While she begins a good fight, she becomes overwhelmed until Domon and her sisters show up to help. With Domon handling the robots, Neon hunts down Genjuurou. Trapping him within a force field, she slaughters him (pieces of Genjuurou may now be found in Cuba). The four people find the data disk. Placing it into the computer, they are directed to the SODOM homepage.

<Weapons Dome> Inside the dome is an eager Kamui, excited to meet with Kaoru once again. Unfortunately for him, Recca enters instead. Apparently Kaoru was dead set about not entering the dome, so Recca came in his place. Kamui is at first depressed, but remembers Kaoru mentioning he liked a Recca-niichan. Asking for his name, Kamui finds himself face to face with the person who stole Kaoru's heart from him. Recca manages to defend himself from a spray of bullets from Kamui. Not caring much for Kamui's rants about Kaoru, Recca attacks with Nadare and demands for the data disk.

<Pyramid> Fuuko is heading towards the pyramid when she finds outside a girl being attacked by a number of robots. Using the new and improved Fuujin, she blows the robots apart. Fuuko herself is surprised by the power of the Fuujin with the kaku (center jewel) she got from Raiha. The girl (the readers recognize as Kirito) tells Fuuko about being a clone who escaped when a monster was raging within the laboratory. Suddenly, Kirito "releases" that Fuuko could be out to get her, but Fuuko reassures her that she's out to get the bad guys.

<Forest> Members of Kuu, including Minamio (rubber guy), are attacked by Kadotsu.

<Pyramid> Inside, Fuuko blasts open a coffin, releasing a mummy who attacks Fuuko with his wrappings. Fuuko realizes it's due to the same madougu as Saichou, a paper madougu. But this guy uses it slightly differently, coating his wrappings with oil. He sets the paper aflame, burning the trapped Fuuko as well. She frees herself with her Fuujin, and manages to stop, drop, and roll to put out extra flames.

<Forest> Kadotsu has killed the Kuu members. He yells out that he wishes to fight a strong opponent. Else where, the Glasses Man is surrounded by Kuu members. Before they get the chance to attack, Kadotsu appears and slaughters the men. Glasses Man goes to thank Kadotsu, but gets ripped in half for the attempt.

<Weapons Dome> Recca fights Kamui, with the latter suddenly running off into another room. Recca chases behind, understanding Kaoru's reluctance to fight this guy. He finds himself lead into a room with various guns. Kamui has connected himself to the main computer, and orders the guns to fire on Recca. He ends up destroying an illusion of Recca. For some reason, Recca has decided to try to combine three dragons to attack. Using Homura-Saiha-Nadare combined into fireballs with chained sickles, Recca blocks the next round of firing and destroys the guns. Joined with the system, Kamui is overwhelmed by pain from the feedback...but Recca saves him. Kamui instantly blushes, believing himself in love with his savior. He goes in for a thank you hug, but Recca denies him, punching Kamui unconscious. Over the intercom, Mokuren calls for Recca, demanding for their final battle.

<Hanger> Domon and the sisters are checking out the disk. Domon tries to call the others of Hokage to discover the phone has been jammed. Neon, working on the computer, opens up the BBS (Domon: Big Busts Supreme?). The first message is from the webmaster, welcoming Hokage to SODOM. The next message surprises Neon.

<Pyramid> Using various madougu, Fuuko is still fighting the mummy guy. She ends up doing a disappearing move (learned from Raiha, no doubt) and throttles him to the ground.

<Hanger> The message is from Kirito who threatens to do a surprise attack. Domon, fearing for his friends, goes off to warn them about the presence of Kirito. Along the way, in the forest, he is saved by Kuukai from being detected by Kadotsu. Domon sneezes, but Kadotsu mistakens it for being a fox, and leaves.

<Bionoid Dome> Kaoru takes a break and eats a sandwich made by his friend. He thinks about his new friends' best wishes. He then pulls out a piece of Kurei's mask from the tournament, remembering the person who was like a brother. Suddenly the ground starts a'shaking and the dome begins to crash in.

<Forest> Running along, Domon and Kuukai split ways with Kuukai heading towards the weapons dome.

<Pyramid> Fuuko and Kirito feel the earthquake.

<Bionoid Dome> A man with a mask covering his mouth looks upon the rubble of the dome.

Recca combines three flame dragons - Homura, Saiha, Nadare


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