Volume 27
Summary by Sumeragi


<Weapons Dome>
Mokuren calls Recca a hypocrite, saying a person truly only cares about himself. Recca, not appearing to care about what Mokuren is saying, attacks with Nadare. However, the flames don't appear to affect Mokuren. He dives into the water and sneaks behind Recca, pulling him under water. Within the water, Recca can't call upon his flame dragons. Mokuren turns to Kuukai, saying this proves a person should only live for himself. Kuukai disagrees, telling him that Recca changes people and everyone came to SODOM because there is a person like him. Mokuren smirks and says that everyone must be a hypocrite then. He calls for Kuukai to come to his death. Kuukai suddenly notices the warm has become hot. Mokuren then shoots up in pain. At first confused, Kuukai discovers that Recca had released Homura, the whip flame dragon, into Mokuren's body. Freed from Mokuren's hold, Recca jumps out of the water, slicing Mokuren with Saiha along the way. Kuukai, looking at the shredded plant dragon, is amazed at Recca's fearsome power. Recca lectures Mokuren, telling the man that he fights only to see Yanagi laugh. He punches Mokuren out. While continuing the lecture, Recca starts to keel over and finally falls into Kuukai's arms. Kuukai congratulates the oxygen deprived Recca. Kamui barges into the room, telling everyone that the dome is going to self-destruct in three minutes. Kuukai carries Recca out of the room, somewhat distrustfully following Kamui. Mikoto, no longer able to see, tells Mokuren that he has lost the final battle. She also says that she was happy with Mokuren, despite the fact he stabbed her. As the building begins to collapse, Mikoto dies within Mokuren's arms. He cries out that next time, Recca will die.

<Outside Weapons Dome>
Recca dreams of kissing Yanagi, only to wake up to Kuukai's lips. There's a moment of chaos with Recca wondering if Kuukai was gay, Kuukai explaining that it was just CPR, and Kamui wishing he had been in Kuukai's place. Looking upon the fiery rubble of the weapons dome, Kuukai tells Recca that Mokuren had a chance to escape. Meanwhile, they may have lost the disk. Kamui reassures them, producing the disk from his chest. Kuukai asks him if it's all right, especially since he's from the other side. True to his nature, Kamui says he doesn't mind since Hokage has all the cute boys. He also says, to Recca and Kuukai's surprise, that he was never told not to give them the disk.

<Research Lab>
Kagerou is checking out the BBS of the SODOM homepage. She reads the welcome message and the message from Kirito. After she reads Domon's message, Kagerou gets annoyed that he didn't put in more information, especially about the joining with Neon. But she's glad he got a disk. The next two messages she reads are both said to be authored by Domon. The first describes Kirito as a murdering man (who the readers know as Kadotsu). The second says the previous message was done by another person under Domon's name, and that his real information on Kirito is that it's a she. Kagerou identifies both messages as fake with the first being written too soon for Domon to have seen Kirito after the previous message and Domon won't have stopped his search to write the second message. She only hopes that the others discover the ploy as well.

<Bionoid Dome>
Domon is still looking for Fuuko when he comes upon what is left of the bionoid dome and the fallen stone giant. He thinks to himself that it must have been either Recca or Mikagami who got the stone giant.

Kaoru feels like someone is following him. He has yet to see the figure of Kadotsu hunting him as prey.

Mikagami meets with Hiruko for the second time. Hiruko welcomes him to SODOM. Mikagami responds with his sword, saying there isn't time for this.

<Hidden Cabin>
Recca and Kuukai are chowing down on some food while Kamui is going through the BBS with Recca's disk. Kamui does mention Recca should like after his wounds when Kuukai reminds the man that he put some of those wounds on Recca ("Forget the past"). They go through the same messages as Kagerou until they come across the latest message that was authored by her.

Mikagami and Hiruko fight water sword against blood sword. Mikagami calls out "Hyoumonken" in an attack, which helps Hiruko identify the boy. Hiruko tells him that Meguri Kyouza wants to meet with him. He recounts to Mikagami his encounter with Meguri, telling him that Meguri waits for him in Hell or Heaven. This all shocks Mikagami, leaving him open for attack.

Kadotsu enjoys his chase of Kaoru, who has apparently noticed Kadotsu's presence. While Kadotsu thinks about the killing ahead, Kaoru suddenly turns around and calls out for Kadotsu to show himself. Kadotsu asks the boy how he knows his name.

Mikagami's wound isn't as bad as he first thought. Hiruko warns Mikagami that Meguri seems to be too much for Mikagami. Going to see the man would mean certain death for him. Hiruko asks Mikagami why he wants to meet such a man as Meguri. Is it for revenge? Mikagami replies that he used to fight only because of the death of his sister, but Kai taught him otherwise. He now searches out Meguri to learn about everything. Mikagami gets into Hiruko's defenses and lands a good blow. Hiruko smiles and tells Mikagami that he's giving the continuation to this battle to Meguri. But if they survive SODOM, they will fight again someday.

The boy Kadotsu thought was Kaoru was actually Kashamaru. The other Uruha deserters - Tsukishiro and Gashakura - appear with Saichou, all surrounding Kadotsu. Kadotsu laughs at them, saying they should know he is the most powerful of Ura Uruha, and they do. Kadotsu particularly insults Gashakura by asking why such a pathetic man as Gashakura's brother was allowed to imitate his form. Kadotsu easily blocks Gashakura's resulting attack. The other three attack Kadotsu, actually causing the man some pain. He congratulates them, saying that they are much better opponents than those others in white uniforms. Saichou falls to his knees when he learns from Kadotsu that all of the Kuu members, including Minamio, are dead.

Kadotsu decides to reward these four fighters for their bravery and skill by using his madougu. One is Mumyou, a kaku or madougu main jewel without any kanji in it. The other that is used with Mumyou is Mongamae, which are iron gauntlets that have the gate structure of kanji and a hole for the Mumyou to be placed into. Kadotsu calls out darkness with his madougu and sneak attacks Tsukishiro in the blackness. Kadotsu then calls for gate and open, capturing the dazed man within the gate after calling out close. Saichou explains to the others how the madougu work. Basically the kaku provides whatever kanji is needed to produce another kanji within the gate structure (ie yami, mon, kan (of jikan)...for those of you who know kanji). Right after Saichou's explanation, Kadotsu produces a flash with the madougu, blinding everyone but Saichou who expected the attack. He throws his origami and tells Gashakura where to strike. Kashamaru also joins in and Saichou does a strong attack with his madougu. They believed themselves victors when Kadotsu proves them wrong. Gashakura and Kashamaru are knocked unconscious.

Kadotsu goes in to kill Saichou when he's interrupted by sensing a strong foe. He starts to panic as he searches for the location of the person, when Kurei shows up behind Kadotsu and rams his hand through the man. After failing with normal attacks, Kadotsu tries to capture Kurei within the gate. Kurei does go in, but utterly destroys the cage. Kadotsu is full of fear when Kurei sets upon Kadotsu his flame spirits (now very numerous), many of which are the people Kadotsu has recently killed. When Saichou sees the Kuu members among the flame ghosts, he yells for Kurei to stop. Kurei laughs insanely in response. He then goes over to Saichou and a recently awakened Kashamaru, planning on killing these friends of Recca. Joker gets in the way, reminding Kurei that there's another the flame could be better spent on. Joker thus manages to change Kurei's mind for the moment. Saichou reflects on the man who once tried to take his life, but now just saved it.

<Cavern of the Pyramid>
Fuuko is still unconscious when robots target her. Luckily Raiha shows up and uses Raijin, which appears to stab Raiha and release an electronic attack (guess we'll know more later about this mysterious madougu). He says goodbye to the sleeping Fuuko, thinking that he'll never be able to save her again. Fuuko wakes up to a cavern like area that's littered with broken robots. She can't think of who saved her.

The darn coolest madougu combo yet


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