Quasi - Translations and Summaries
by Sumeragi


July 07, 2003 - Sorry folks, but this isn't a real update.  Hated the needlessly complicated look of the site, thus wanted to change it.  Also, I'd like to update people about my MIA status over the past months.  Basically, it's like this:  my love of anime has died and my obsession with manga has dwindled to almost nothing.  I doubt I'll be able to force myself to continue translations (aka Koori no Mamono), but I may continue summaries in the future when I get enough money to buy the manga.

Anyway, sorry for being a disappointment to you all, but I will be leaving these pages up even if I don't continue to translate in the future.

Note for Bronze fans: info about future translations can be found at the Zetsuai Yahoo Group

Note for KnMnM fans: you can find summaries by Amparo Bertram