Trigun by Nightgow
Summaries by Sumeragi, June 2001

Volume One

Chapter 1: The $$60 billion man

Vash the Stampede, estimated age of 24, is wanted dead or alive for the murder of Count Lebunant Vasques. The reward now stands at $$60 billion.

Four men stride into town, unconcerned with the people around them. In a café, a boy begs his mother for a real gun to replace his toy gun and a man we know as Vash eats some lunch. The door opens and the waitress begins to welcome the four customers who start immediately to shoot at Vash and anyone in their path. Vash tries to avoid the bullet onslaught, but once the smoke clears, he’s lying face down in a red pool. Three of the four men begin to celebrate their new fortune of $$60 billion while Magnus is worried, feeling like the whole thing was too easy. He leans in to check the prone victim. Magnus’s partners don’t notice the stricken look on his face as Vash’s finger comes up to plug the barrel of Magnus’s gun. The baldy of the group assures the waitress of the café that they’ll pay for damages. A voice comes behind stating his relief. Baldy turns around to see Vash alive and with ketchup bottle in hand. He wants to know if they’d pay for his dry cleaning as well. Baldy replies that he’ll send him to heaven instead. Vash is the quicker draw and shoots the three men with the toy gun. He asks them if they could talk it out. Baldy is of course furious, refuses to listen to the logic of his partners (‘what if he had used real bullets?’), and he goes to shoot the provoking Vash. *click* Vash explains to them that only Magnus has bullets left in his gun according to his count.

The four men leave the café dejected and unclothed. Vash has no clue as to why they left the clothes. He returns the toy gun to its owner (the boy from before). An old man in the café was surprised that Vash didn’t shoot his gun. Vash replies, why waste a bullet when you can eat four pizza toasts for the same price. He continues to say that in reality he doesn’t want to kill or hurt anyone. The waitress comes behind him and apologizes, confusing the smiling Vash.

Elsewhere, two ladies by the name of Meryl and Milly enter Lob’s diner and order a banana sundae and Ceylon tea at the bar. The men in the diner criticize them for messing up the ‘ordering milk at a bar’ joke. Milly gets flustered and drops her gun. A very large gun at that. It hits a table, knocking it and a patron to the floor. She apologizes and easily picks up the thing, earning her the title of gorilla lady in the minds of the men in the diner. Meryl asks for directions to Voldol. The bar owner (Lob, maybe) guesses that she’s looking for the Human Typhoon and gives her instructions there instead.

Vash stands with his hands up. He faces the waitress holding a gun and the many towns’ people outside with various weapons. The town is in serious need of money, and he is handy.

Chapter 2: Looney Tunes

In the past, colony ships crashed into this planet. The surviving people were able to create towns. After about a hundred years, seven cities in the continent held the majority of the people. Then hell broke loose. The third most populated town named July was utterly destroyed, but no one was actually killed in the blast. This city is now named Lost July. The one responsible according to history is the golden haired Vash the Stampede.

All Vash can do to survive at the moment is dodge bullets and climb walls to avoid the citizens of the town, wondering why everyone hates him so much. Meryl and Milly make it to the town to find it in a state of war. They arrive at the moment when someone uses a bazooka, but he still doesn’t get the slippery Vash. Meryl tries to talk some sense into the citizens (well, actually she yells through a bullhorn at them), but they are too focused into getting the $$60 billion man. At the headquarters, the mayor and his advisor are trying to figure out their situation. After three hours, they haven’t touched Vash, but other people have been injured by ‘friendly fire’. The mayor has decided to treat poison with poison and calls in the Nebraska Family, an overly grown boy/machine and his directing father. While they were to be in jail for 700 years, the mayor released them for ‘good behavior,’ aka to get Vash.

Vash climbs into a window looking for safety but finds several ladies with guns instead. Vash mentions that this isn’t something children should see. A woman yells at him about her sick child and how doctors don’t sick around a city without money. The waitress explains to Vash that they need to repair the ‘plant’ system and that will cost $$50,000 at the least. If the ‘plant’ isn’t fixed, it’ll die, and the city with it. The waitress apologizes again, but before she can shoot, Vash brings up his gun and causes her to fall to the ground. Vash says, ‘I understand your situation well, but until I meet him, I can’t just lie down.’ He begs the ladies to not force him to shoot his gun. Suddenly the glass bottles and floor start to shake and the bar wall comes crashing in.

The cause of the destruction is the projectile arm of the big boy of the Nebraska family. As the big boy (Gofusef) pulls in his arm, the father boasts that it only took one punch to take care of Vash. But with the arm back, and the message of ‘Kiss My Ass!!’ clearly written, it’s obvious Vash is not dead. The dust clears and the blonde man in a red coat is seen holding the waitress in one arm and a marker in the other hand. The father laughs and challenges Vash. In the crowd, Milly tenses at the situation, smothering Meryl.

Chapter 3: Hard Puncher

As Vash places the waitress gently on the ground, the onlookers yell at the Nebraska Family to just go ahead and kill him. Vash picks up a beam and starts digging into the wreckage of the bar. One by one he pulls out women. The Nebraska Family mind their time, waiting for Vash to finish. With all the ladies out, Vash puts distance between himself and them so he can face the Nebraska Family, surprising the onlookers. Gofusef throws a punch at Vash, which he dodges, but wooden beams knock into him. The father taunts Vash, mocking his desire for no one to be killed while he is wanted for murder. Vash doesn’t respond to the taunts. Instead, he puts on his sunglasses and gets in a pose to draw his gun. The onlookers watch in disbelief since how can a gun do damage to the punch that travels 200 km/hr? Gofusef launches another punch and Vash responds by firing his gun. The punch crashes in, causing a large dust cloud. The crowd wonders if Vash had been killed. The father calls to Gofusef to quickly pull in his fist, but Vash, who had dodged the deflected punch, sits back and fires his gun. ‘Jackpot!!’ He hits the base of the stump of Gofusef’s arm, causing severe pain to the big boy. Hugging his arm, Gofusef nearly squishes his father to death. The giant falls down and Vash stands up. The advisor to the mayor looks at the legend, saying that he now fully understands why he is known as the human typhoon. From a rooftop and with her bullhorn, Meryl calls for the fight to end. Milly tells her that it seems to have already ended. Meryl can’t believe it, and is a little put out that they went through the trouble of getting on the rooftop.

Back on the ground below, Meryl explains to Vash that people are trying to get money from insurance companies, declaring Vash as a natural disaster. The insurance company wants to make such claims invalid since he isn’t some earthquake or high wind. Thus the Bellnardeli insurance agency has sent her (Meryl Strife) and Milly Thomson to keep an eye on him 24 hours a day. Vash begins to disagree when the father of the Nebraska family appears with gun in hand. Before he can get revenge for his son, Meryl and Milly easily dispatch of him with their weapons. Vash is a bit more agreeable at that point.

Chapter 4: PoPo

At a sheriff station, the wanted poster for the Nebraska Family is taken down before fully put up due to a letter stating that ‘Ainpuriru City’ has caught them. The guy wonders if the four-hour duration it took was a record breaker. The letter also states that Vash the Stampede has left their district.

In actuality, Vash is in a diner at the city enjoying lunch. Meryl asks him if it is okay to just let the city have the money. Vash replies that it would be bothersome carrying $700,000 in his journeys, and anyway, he can now eat all the salmon sandwiches he can want there. Milly eyes the sandwiches hungrily while Meryl is still in disbelief about the amount of money he gave up. Changing the subject, Vash asks Meryl exactly how long do they plan on following him. Meryl is of the mind to always watch him. Just then a sand steamer comes into town. Milly and Meryl look out the window at the beast of a machine, and when they turn back around, Vash has vanished. Milly tells Meryl not to worry since she planted a tracking tag in Vash’s sandwich. Turning on her device, Milly believes Vash to be very close and finds the signal to be focused on Kuro Neko (Black Cat). Milly: ‘He transformed into a cat…!?’ Meryl: ‘Wrong!!

Grabbing his bag, Vash heads for the sand steamer. Meanwhile, back at the diner, Meryl figures out that Vash is probably boarding the sand steamer, but the ladies don’t have the money to join him. They have to figure out another way. While in line to get on the sand steamer, Thomas yells to Vash, ‘Vash-aniki, are you leaving?’ Vash tries to quiet the disappointed boy, but the ship’s strong man heard enough. He asks Vash to help out with the convoy, a group of vehicles that protect the larger steamer. With the commotion of the big guy begging and Vash refusing, Meryl and Milly find Vash.

That night, the town has a big party for Vash’s going away. Needless to say, everyone gets really drunk, except for maybe Meryl. Later, two ‘service ladies’ leave Vash’s room, telling the mayor’s advisor that Vash fell right asleep both they could do anything. The ladies are a bit disappointed that they never got the chance with the infamous Vash the Stampede, but there’s nothing they can do about it. In the room, Vash gets up and thinks that he’s a bit disappointed himself.

The next day, Vash is on the steamer to May City, still bearing quite the hangover. The strong guy from the day before finds Vash and warns him that they are moving into the Bad Lad Gang’s territory. Annoyed, Vash tells the man to protect him as a passenger then.

In the bathroom, Vash is struck in the head by an air vent. Angry, Vash pops his head through the venting to catch the boy who did it to him. Vash blames him for the blood running down his face. The boy (named Kaito) corrects him, saying he did it himself when he smashed his head through the vent. Kaito tries to fight back, only to get a worthless death grip on Vash’s arm. Looking at the boy, Vash asks if he is a stowaway. The boy, seeing a chance, tells Vash a story about his parents dying, horrible foster parents, and just wanting to get to May City to escape. Once finished, the boy can’t believe he told such an obviously fake story. But Vash buys all of it and tells the boy he’ll take care of him.

Meanwhile Meryl and Milly are working hard to pay off their passage to May City.

Chapter 5: The Assault

Vash gets some food from whom else but Meryl and Milly who are working the snacks counter. The amount of food Vash is getting after dinner reminds them of a hungry, growing boy. Vash grumbles on the way to his room (paid for by his agreement to help protect the steamer) that has the boy inside. Seeing the food, the boy leaps and takes the bag from Vash without a word. Eating a sandwich, he looks out into the night. Vash comments on the darkness outside and that sometimes he wonders if the people were happy coming here. The boy replies that doesn’t think about that since this was the planet he born on. He mentions that Vash talks like a person who was a part of the ‘Big Fall’ a hundred and however many years ago. Vash takes a slip of a drugged drink that instantly puts him to sleep. The boy apologizes to the sleeping form and leaves through a vent. He has work to finish.

Elsewhere, the leader of the Bad Lad Gang, Brilliant Dynamite Neon is waiting for the signal. On the steamer, the boy does just that and the gang attacks. They easily handle the convoy and prepare to board the ship. The boy has set bombs throughout the steamer and sets those off to confuse the security. Meryl and Milly are awakened by the noises and ready themselves. The gang has now boarded the steamer and Neon congratulates the boy for a job done beautifully. The boy seems less than happy with the gang leader.

In his room, Vash dreams. He ‘wakes up’ to a person singing. It is a woman named Rem. He tells her about his dream in which everything was horrible and rotted, even people’s hearts. He doesn’t understand what the people lived for. Rem laughs and says that even Vash’s dreams are serious. She tells him that she believes everyone is born with a blank ticket. If they try their all, people can do anything with their lives. Suddenly the ground breaks between Vash and Rem. Yelling out her name, Vash wakes up to reality and falls behind the bed. At that moment, a member of the gang checks the room, sees nothing, and leaves Vash behind.

In the ballroom, B.D. Neon is upset at the pitiful jewelry they got from the passengers. The large safe, however, lightens his mood. B.D. Neon tells a man to open it. He explains to the gang leader that no one on the ship knows the code. The key is only located at the cities they go to. Neon excepts this as the truth and decides that they’ll just have to break the safe open, then. B.D. Neon directs the drivers of the steamer to run the ship full speed off the Enora cliff. The lives of the people on board will go out in a brilliant blaze.

Chapter 6: Die Hards

As the destroyed convoy sits in the dark, one of the men hears the sound of the steamer accelerating.

In the cockpit, B.D. Neon stops the driver from putting on the brakes to the steamer. He tells Neon that it is his duty to protect the safety of the passengers with his life. Neon lets him do just that and shoots the man, declaring his death one of beauty. A minion goes to get the boy. Coming in, Kaito isn’t conformable with the bloody scene. Neon asks him about controlling the ship. Kaito admits that he doesn’t know how to do it, but he does know that the controller has to be skilled at handling the ‘plant’ to make sure it doesn’t overheat, etc. The captain is surprised at the kid’s knowledge about the ship. The gang leader realizes that he probably shouldn’t have killed the operator, but doesn’t look concerned. Kaito asks about Neon’s plans, and gets upset at the knowledge that the ship is going to be thrown off a cliff. Neon chokes the boy a bit and throws him to the ground for arguing with him. Kaito continues to beg for the ship to be left intact. He gets kicked in response. A minion tells the boy to give up. Kaito replies that this is his father’s ship. Neon pulls his gun and places it against the boy’s teeth. Neon is about to pull the trigger when Vash appears behind and outside the cockpit. He fires inside and creates a commotion. When Neon fires back, Vash grabs Kaito and they fly back out the window. Neon is highly amused by the appearance of Vash.

Outside, Vash and Kaito are nearly killed by the steamer and the mountain walls, but manage to reach safety.

In another room, Meryl and Milly jump two of the minions from behind.

A minion brings a woman to the cockpit. Neon places his gun against her head and tells the captain to drive or she dies. The captain curses at the man, but the latter just waves his finger and says less talking, more driving.

In their momentarily safe spot, Kaito begins to ask Vash why he saved him. Vash just smacks him on the head, telling him that ‘thank you’ would be more appropriate. Kaito tells Vash about Neon’s plans, immediately putting Vash into a rant. Kaito turns to his memories, wondering why he even mentioned his workaholic father. He didn’t matter anymore. Vash pulls himself together and says the two of them will have to stop the ship. After a ‘tap’ of persuasion from Vash, Kaito agrees and pulls out a blueprint of the ship. Kaito explains to Vash that it isn’t the real thing but the one he copied off of his father’s blueprint for the steamer. Kaito goes to his memories again of the father who built the steamer to help people. Kaito begins to cry, ashamed at what he did for a little bit of money. Vash uses his ‘gentle touch’ to smash some sense into the head of Kaito. ‘We will stay alive!!’

In the cockpit, there’s a call of ten minutes until they reach the cliffs. Neon is excited for the wondrous rendezvous.

Minions are crawling along the hallways. A cart carrying two gas tanks rolls down the hall, distracting a few of them. Vash appears and disarms the threesome, then locks them in a room. Vash and Kaito end up in the communications room, which contains a series of pipes that run throughout the ship to give orders to various people.

Meanwhile, in the cockpit, a minion just barely gets to Neon and collapses talking about an inhuman person. A sign on his back is from Vash.

Vash and Kaito listen to Neon’s orders within the communications rooms. Vash gives a cheesy performance of a man suffering at the hands of Vash to mislead the direction of the minions and to frighten them a bit. Vash then hands Kaito a pen. It’s a piece of lost technology that enables Kaito to talk to him through Vash’s earring. To Kaito’s questions of why he has such items, Vash merely answers that he wouldn’t believe it if he told. He leaves the room, but is surprised by the appearance of two minions. Trying to disarm them with his gun, Vash accidentally shoots one of them. Vash frantically tries to help the man while Kaito yells at him, utterly confused that Vash hasn’t been trying to kill or even hurt anyone this whole time. He calls Vash an idiot, and then notices the blood coming from Vash’s side. Vash admits he probably is some kind of idiot. A memory of Rem and disintegrating ships in space enters Vash’s head. Looking up to the ceiling, Vash tells Kaito that he promised a person he wouldn’t extinguish anyone else’s flame. It would make her sad. Kaito asks who ‘she’ is. Vash replies, ‘Rem. Seibu Rem. Everyone to this day is here … because of her efforts.’

A little while later, Vash is crashing through the hallways and minions with the aid of Kaito’s directions. Kaito thinks about his life: his mother leaving with another man, his father dying, living alone, starving, and finally being offered money by Neon. In a more recent memory, Kaito warns Vash to not underestimate the Bad Lad Gang since they are a group of killers. Vash’s response was to draw the line and stop them. The ticket to the future is always blank.

After a while, Neon figures out Vash and Kaito’s game. Vash is lead into a room with a large group of minions waiting for him. Recognizing it for a trap, Vash warns Kaito to escape.


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