Trigun by Nightgow
Summaries by Sumeragi, August 2001

Volume Three

Chapter 14: Diablo

Meryl yells at the sheriff, pleading that Vash didn't murder the shoe repair man. The sheriff is more concerned with Vash's fame as "The Human Typhoon" than his possible innocence.

Vash sits in his cell, swearing to go after Knives. And then he thinks of the past:

Rem finds a young Vash looking out the window of the space ship. He asks her why everyone is asleep and not with Rem and "us". Rem explains to him about "Project Seeds," which is basically a space-colonizing mission. It is Rem's job to watch over everyone until they find a planet suitable for human life. Vash asks her if she is lonely without everyone. She replies that she's fine since he and Knives are with her. Rem was a warm woman who loved Earth and all humans. Vash promises to always be with Rem and never leave her alone.

Vash begins to cry as his memories turn to tragedy:

Suddenly, all the colony ships were programmed for auto-shutdown. Knives and Vash go into an escape pod. Vash calls for Rem, but the woman decides at the last moment to try and help the other ships since 9 million lives are at stake. While Vash would have chosen to stay with Rem, she closed the escape pods doors on him as she mentions that this would be the decision "he" (Alex) would have made. She also mentions one last thing to Vash…

Falling towards a planet, Vash cries over the last moment he saw Rem. Knives, however, begins to laugh. He admits to his brother that he was behind the shutdown program. He is slightly amused by Rem's attempts at saving the other people in exchange for her life, but he doesn't believe she can do anything. He tells Vash that they will make a new world for themselves and the "plants". Vash can only yell out in rage.

In his cell, Vash thinks "That was the time I decided…to prepare myself…" Meryl and Milly appear at this time to visit Vash. Milly takes a step back into Meryl when she gets a glimpse of the fearful side of Vash, but he returns to "normal" before Meryl notices. Meryl begins to apologize for the sheriff locking Vash up. The blonde smiles and tells her to not bother doing anything. While Meryl rants, Milly starts to ask Vash about what she just saw, but seeing his cheerful face, she changes her mind.

Meanwhile in the front office, a suspicious person walks through the door. Vash yells for everyone to duck just before the man open fires and destroys the wall. Gung-Ho Guns 1 Monev the Gale removes his coat and calls to his trapped prey, Vash. Although the bars were torn apart, Vash is still chained to the wall, unable to escape. He yells at everyone to not do anything and just escape since he is the only target. Of course Meryl argues. Then Gale crashes through the wall and lifts Vash up by his throat. Gale mocks Vash, asking if this is all he can do. Meryl pulls out her Derringer and orders Gale to let Vash go. She is easily tossed into a wall. Gale turns his attention back to Vash, telling the blonde that he was put through 20 years of hellish training, every day of it for the moment he would kill Vash and be freed. Gale counts down from ten. At one, Vash fires his arm machine gun into Gale's throat, pushing the large man away. Seeing Vash breaking his chains, Gale fires his own machine gun at the blonde. He is forced back through a window when Vash gets a few shots almost through Gale's facemask. On the ground, Gale thinks that the stories must be wrong. Vash isn't a peace loving wimp. Gale can't believe that after looking at his eyes -- the eyes of Diablo. Vash heads back into the sheriff's office to retrieve his gun, receiving no resistance from the officers. He thinks to himself that he can only advance since there is no going back to the beginning. Holding the unconscious Meryl, Milly calls for Vash and tries to stop him.

Chapter 15: Fragile

Vash returns to face Gale even though his wrists are still chained together. Gale drops his right arm gun since Vash's shots made the arm useless, and he jumps to a rooftop. The deputy is relieved that the man's firepower was reduced to half, but the sheriff corrects him, explaining that the left-handed weapon is much more powerful then the right.

Vash runs off in search of the large man. He senses the man a few building away just before Gale fires his weapon at Vash's location. Instead of dodging, Vash endures the hit and returns fire through the hole Gale made with his attack. The shots hit Gale's facemask, almost knocking him down. Gale grows more frightened of this crazy man who seems to have emerged from a nightmare. Milly comes towards Vash, the latter yelling for her to run away. When the dust clears, Milly sees Vash's left arm dangling from the handcuffs. The blonde however is more concerned with the injured, perhaps dead, people around him.

Furious, young Vash calls Knives a murder ("human killer") and tries to punch him, but the latter easily moves aside to dodge. Knives is amused that Vash "doesn't know" about those people. The reason for their mission is because they destroyed their own planet. Vash yells at Knives to shut up and tries to attack again, but Knives knocks the blonde to the ground, telling Vash to listen to a person's story. Vash only thinks of Rem. Over the intercom, the computer announces that the ships' orbit course has been corrected and all have been put into landing mode. Knives is at first angered by what Rem did, but then calms himself when he thinks how only a small percentage will be saved by those efforts. At that moment, Rem's ship explodes.

Vash enters a bank and tells the banker that he'll be borrowing the safe. Gale sees Vash go into the bank and believes the blonde is going to hide inside the safe. Inside, Vash reloads his gun with only his right arm. He is clearly in bad shape, and he hopes for the attack to come soon. Meanwhile, Gale goes to his baggie of weapons (hanging between two buildings) to get something with more of a punch. He appears in front of the bank, and with the huge machine gun he blasts through walls into the safe room. Vash is protected from the assault by standing behind the length of the door of the open safe. He fires at Gale, finally succeeding at breaking the facemask and knocking the man down. Vash jumps on Gale and places his gun in the man's left eye. Gale begs for mercy. Vash can't stop himself until a vision of Rem comes to mind. With effort he pulls the gun away from Gale's bleeding eye and hits himself with the weapon. "If I had shot here, I would have truly killed that girl."

Chapter 16: Scars

Two days later as the city folk rebuild the damaged city, Meryl types her thoughts about "the Human Typhoon," wondering why trouble surrounds this man.

On that night past, Gale can't believe Vash won't shoot him. Vash asks the man for the location of the man who controls him. Gale only knows the "agent" of the leader. As Vash leaves the man, Gale throws to Vash his half of the coin he holds as a Gung-Ho Guns member.

Back to the present, Meryl ponders over the mysterious coin, as well. She and Milly then overhear the town folk complaining that they can't sleep knowing Vash is in the town. They wish he would just leave already. The two girls go to visit the man in question. They enter the room just as Vash exits the shower. He's naked above the waist, and the girls are shocked at the site of the severely scarred body. Vash gives a girlish squeal to lighten the mood. Meryl cannot believe the amount of scars Vash has from people trying to kill the legend. Vash smiles weakly, saying he never wanted ladies to see such a torn body. Meryl changes the subject to Gale, asking Vash why the man was clearly only after Vash and not the price on Vash's head. When he doesn't really reply, she asks Vash if he could stop all of this. Vash replies no. He lost someone important. He lives for payback.

At the city limits, the sheriff apologizes for falsely arresting Vash, but he is happy to see Vash leave the city. At a distance behind Vash, Meryl and Milly follow (it's our job!).

Legard stands upon ruins of a colony ship, waiting for Vash's appearance. A distance away, Vash comes across a large cross. He yells at Meryl and Milly to not come close, but they see Gale impaled on the cross anyway. A man in a spiky ball weapon/armor appears behind Vash. The blonde asks if he is the person who killed Gale. The man introduces himself as E.G. Mine, Gung-Ho Guns 2. Vash repeats his question. Annoyed, E.G. asks what if he did and goes into a rant about killing worthless people. Vash wonders out loud how many times he will face this scenario of people wanting to kill others. "This isn't…what Rem gave her life for." E.G. isn't threatened by Vash and goes in to attack. Vash easily dodges and fires his gun at the strap of the spiky outfit, causing it to fall off the man's body. Vash then knocks the disarmed guy unconscious with his bag. That finished Vash senses Legard's presence. He fires into the distance, just missing the man. Vash calls out knowing the man can hear him, telling Legard the rules have changed. "From now on, you are my prey!"

Chapter 17: Slaughter Cafe

Juneora Rock is northeast of May City, and is the halfway point between that and August City. In a bar and grill, Legard enjoys his meal in silence as he remembers Vash's words. A gang enters the bar with their young "slaves". One of the catatonic girls begins to stare at Legard. The gang boss, Rodrick, notices this and punches the girl for having thoughts that Legard was a better man than the gang members. Legard continues to eat silently. The gang boss starts to taunt Legard, daring him to save the girls. Legard doesn't acknowledge the man. Furious, Rodrick shoots Legard's fork in mid-bite. Legard simply asks the bartender for another spoon (…even though he should want a fork…whatever). Rodrick fires more rounds at Legard. Unharmed, Legard tells the man he shouldn't be so impatient to die. However, tired of the game, Legard forces the gang boss to use his own arm to pull out his heart. Legard then forces the gang members to shoot amongst themselves. He turns to the girls and tells them that they should have meaningful lives until the final day, which should be very soon. Outside, Legard looks at his left arm and smiles as he thinks about the entertainment yet to come.

Chapter 18: The Evil Ones Gather

Vash and the girls are on a bus heading to August. Watching the ocean of sand passing by, Milly thinks how there is something strange about Vash. Vash, meanwhile, is thinking about Legard. After threatening him, Legard smiles gleefully. Vash sensed nothing sincere about the smile, but rather madness. He gets the feeling of a "waiting hell" from the man. Suddenly, Vash notices something in the far distance.

That "something" is a man carrying a large canvas covered cross (bus driver: that's one prepared corpse). The man however is still alive. On the bus, the man revives himself with some water and explains that the cross is part of his business as a priest. He then thanks Meryl and Milly for spotting him. They tell him that they only told the bus driver to stop there, and it was "that person" who saw him. Looking at Vash, the priest almost yells out his name before Vash silences the man. The priest is surprised to see such a "famous" person. He introduces himself as Wolfwood to Vash, the latter reluctantly accepting the handshake.

In Juneora Rock, Rodrick's friends show up in town to find the entire gang dead. From witnesses in town, this gang boss learns that a blue haired man in a white coat is responsible, even though he doesn't believe in the events that are said to have happened. He sends out the gang members in search of the man. As they sweep the town, Legard appears suddenly behind the leader. Some gang members pull guns on him when Legard recognizes them as friends of the "bug" from the day before. The armed fools in front of him don't worry Legard. He is about to kill them all when he suddenly grows silent and says he understands. The men wonder whom the guy thinks he is talking to. Legard then says he'll only kill half of them. The slaughter begins.

Back on the bus, Wolfwood manages to convince the driver to let him ride for a discount price. In return, Wolfwood offers the man a free confession in his portable confessional, to which the driver refuses. Vash watches all of this and wonders if it's part of his business. Wolfwood explains about the orphans he takes care of back home. Vash asks if being a priest really pays enough for that. Wolfwood admits he does something else. He then sees a couple grungy kids. Wolfwood offers to split his money (a few coins) three ways between them and himself. Vash smiles at the priest. Wolfwood tells the blonde that he's happy to see the guy can actually smile since Vash's smiling before was painful to watch. Then Wolfwood's stomach lets out a roar. Vash offers to share some lunch, to which Wolfwood gratefully accepts.

At the site of slaughter, the leader stares frightenly at the heap of corpses. Legard explains to the man that he left half of them alive to spread word of what happened, and how it is a sample of what is to come. The man leaves. Legard then turns and welcomes seven men.

Chapter 19: Invisible Cyclops

In front of a mound of corpses, Legard welcomes seven men: Grey the Nine Lives, Dominic the Cyclops, Zaji the Beast, Reonoff the Puppet Master, Hurbert the Gauntlet, Raidei the Blade, and Midbrey the Hornfreak. Only Chapel is missing.

On the bus, Vash asks Wolfwood if he knows of a man who wears a skull on his left arm and needles like those used for torture on the right arm. Wolfwood hasn't a clue of whom it could be. Meryl asks Vash whom he talking about. He is surprised by Meryl being there, not realizing the girls have been there all the time. He thinks about the connection to Legard. Wolfwood asks what he should do if does see the guy. Vash tells him to do nothing since the person is very dangerous. Wolfwood just laughs and calls Vash the most dangerous person out there.

The bus reaches Juneora Rock, which is strangely quiet. Wolfwood gives his thanks to them again and says he'll go his own way ("I have a job"). He tells them they'll hopefully meet again, and may God go with them. Meryl comments how he was a strange guy. Vash however is more worried about the state of the city. Vash suddenly notices something and ends up stopping a woman from closing her door as he asks her who did this to the town. He asks if it was Legard, a man in a white coat. With the reply of a scream, he suspicions are confirmed. Looking behind him, Vash sees a field soaked in blood.

Walking around in search of Legard, Vash is surprised by Dominic the Cyclops, who seems to appear out of thin air. She tells him that she could have killed him three times just now, and several buttons fall from Vash's coat. She introduces herself to Vash as Gung-Ho Guns 3. She tells Vash that the blood doesn't belong to any of the town people and just from those of gang member under Rodrick, so he shouldn't worry. Vash, however, says he isn't relieved since life is life. He continues to say that she should be careful as well since he could have touched her breasts five times, and at that moment her blouse opens up. Vash asks her where Legard is. Dominic offers a bet as she pulls out her half coin. Vash doesn't want a duel, but he really has no choice. It's a battle to see who is the fastest. Dominic goes for an attack, and Vash tumbles aside, only to have Dominic end up behind him. She calls 'Checkmate' and fires her gun.

Elsewhere in the city, Wolfwood hears the gunfire. He ignores it and continues on his path to Juneora's chapel. When he enters, he is forced to defend himself from attacking men. He does so easily with his large cross.

Dominic is surprised by Vash's inhuman dodging abilities as the practically point blank attack misses. Vash is impressed by her speed. Dominic offers Vash a free shot. He instead watches her closely, trying to figure out how she moves so fast. Suddenly, in a move he couldn't see, she's next to him with her gun under his chin. She fires, but Vash manages to fall back and avoid serious harm. Glaring at the woman, he thinks how he can sense the woman's movements, but he can't see them. Realization hits the blonde. Vash closes his eyes and focuses very deeply. Dominic is at first amused and then surprised at the impossible action. Vash locates her and fires at her covered eye.

Chapter 20: Fifth Moon

Wolfwood has finished with the random attacking men, but something about them bothers him. From the shadows, Legard appears, apologizing for the rudeness. Noticing the large cross, Legard asks if he is Chapel. Wolfwood, seeing Legard's outfit matching Vash's description, says he has heard about him.

Dominic is thrown back by Vash's gunfire. Vash recognized that it wasn't that she was very fast, but she used hypnosis. Dominic is confused, however, since merely closing your eyes doesn't make a person immune to the device Vash just destroyed. He explains that he was able to focus on the pain in his finger (from the woman closing a door on it) and block everything else out. Dominic thinks to herself that it would be still impossible for him to accomplish that with such a method. Vash asks her what she will do since she can no longer fight. She tosses Vash her half coin and, without second thought, steps off of the building to her death. Vash is unable to save her and blacks out on the rooftop.

At the chapel, the Gung-Ho Guns are all gathered with Legard. The "Doctor" arrives to give the status on the revival of Knives. Legard tells Doctor that Vash the Stampede has come, and the Doctor replies that he now understands why Knives choose this place. Wolfwood listens to these happenings, and is not pleased. But he isn't allow to walk away.

A "plant" begins to shine and Knives is coming.

Vash wakes from bed with a start. Meryl and Milly are surprised by the sudden movement and they ask what's happening. Vash tells them he is coming.

From the plant, Knives emerges. The scene makes Legard cry.

Vash can only yell out. He tries to leave the room, but Meryl gets in his way. He tells her to go away, and she orders him back into bed because of his wounds. He yells at her to run away as far as possible. Furious, Meryl slaps Vash, and then she starts to cry. Vash tells Meryl and Milly to listen to him closely. There is a very evil man who has appeared that Vash must face. He doesn't know what will happen in this confrontation. Most likely, the last time they faced each other, it left a black emptiness and him without a memory. Meryl guesses correctly that Vash is talking about Lost July. Running away, Vash tells her that if she understands, they should get away. Watching him leave, Meryl has mixed emotions knowing she should leave, and yet realizing that this was the first time he said her name.

Vash walks up Juneora Rock to confront Knives. Legard sees the man and calls for Gung-Ho Guns to "Kill him!" Knives, however, pushes Legard into the ground with the man's arms and legs going into unnatural positions. The Gung-Ho Guns members look on in silent shock. With a yell, Vash brings his gun up, aiming at Knives. Knives asks Vash if he intends on shooting him again. Vash tells his brother that he hasn't changed. After 150 years, Knives hasn't changed. Watching on, Wolfwood wonders if these two people are really human. Knives expression turns somewhat tender as he asks Vash if the wounds on his body have increased again. He wonders why he hasn't learned anything yet. Knives then asks if Vash plans on making him disappear with his right arm. Vash is confused by the question. Knives asks if Vash doesn't know how to use it, his "A-Arm" (Artificial Arm), and Vash still doesn't seem to understand. Knives heads down to Vash to show Vash how to use it. The Doctor calls for Knives, directing Vash's attention to him. Vash recognizes the man, but can't remember why. It's floating in his mind, and it's something horrible, but he can't focus. Suddenly, Knives is in front of him. With a smile, Knives shoves his hand into Vash's face. Vash's right arm grows and forms into a large weapon as Knives holds on tight. The Doctor recognizes what is happening and calls for everyone to run away. Meanwhile, Knives asks the screaming Vash how he likes this power, the power that destroyed July. It will be the power that destroys mankind. From the large weapon, Vash pulls out his gun and fires through his leg to get to Knives' leg, resulting in Vash aiming into the sky instead of the land around him. In his mind, he calls to Rem, saying he didn't know that he was born to do this. The gun fires and hits a moon, creating a large crater. Wolfwood looks on, amazed and angry at this god-like power Vash holds.

And thus a new legend began on the planet about the fifth moon. For two years, Vash the Stampede disappeared into history.

Bonus Track

This is just a little story about a "typical" Vash day. He wakes up, practices with his gun, has breakfast, challenges an old man to chess (losses $$5), and "plays" with the children of the town (those guys are brutal). This day, a large bully type character named Sodom comes into town. At the bar, Sodom shoots at the floor beneath the barkeep when she tells him to watch his words while her child is around. The argument escalates such that he threatens to shoot the barkeep herself. Vash, acting like he is getting a drink, throws the bottle behind himself and it knocks Sodom unconscious. Thus, situation handled without bloodshed.


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